Sunday, 30 January 2011

A trip to Bath....

So Thursday off we set on the train to Bath, although I've been the the Fashion Museum a few times now, I still find it awkward to find as its so out of the way but we got there. Through uni we'd been booked to view garments from the museum archives. With the hour slot we only got to see two garments of the 80,000 the museum own. 

Pictures above in cafe at back of Museum, refreshment stop before getting down to the work. :)

Mens coat dated 1770 to 1780

Closer look at detailing.

Womens robe dated 1730 to 1739

I found this a really interesting experience, getting to see garments up close and analyse the different methods of construction, obviously all pieces were hand made so it was nice to see such detailed craftsmen ship but into the garments that allows them to still exist over 200 years later.

Although the museum was open to the public they are currently in the process of putting in new exhibits and changing displays, so entrance fee was subsidised which was just aswell due to the amount of mannequins and body parts lying around the place.

Alexander McQueen piece among Versace and something else that wasn't labelled.

A lonely bound mannequin.

Some dodgy footwear.

To be honest the best part of the museum at the moment is the dressing up section that provides corsets and large petticoat skirts for you try on for yourself much to our entertainment.

Holly and Lara having a bit too much fun.

Chanel jacket. Bath Museum do like to restyle things that have been on show for a while. 

Again none of these were labelled so no idea who they are.

Spot the model whose lost her hand.

Still same exhibit.

And as you leave a pair of arms...

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