Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The day we went to Oxfam...

So recently I was given the opportunity to visit the Oxfam Hub in Portishead with My university course. They kindly donated us garments that were unwanted, some even ex bbc drama costumes. The prospect of free stuff was recieved well, with all of us leaving with at least a bin bag or 2 each full.

Then some took more, say 5 bags? ha.

Some shots of the warehouse.

The racks after we'd attacked them.

It was interesting to see how the online shop of oxfam co ordinates. Here the photographer takes pictures of the garments on mannequins that are to be sold, its important that the photos are of good quality as this is what will make it sell online. Photography interests me, I may possibly take up the offer of doing work experience with Oxfam, whether its helping with listing or maybe having a go at the photpgraphing side.

Couple of snaps of the boxes alot of the ex costumes were in

So now I have acquired all these old military jackets, hats, suit trousers, and other clothing items I need to transform them into garments for Oxfam to sell and to be put in a fashion show in Bristol. Ohhh the possibilties..........

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