Friday, 11 February 2011

Homeward boundd.....

Heading home today for the weekend, will be nice to be back, i miss the sea alot.
Casual day, long blue dress top and leggings, red pumps and my reliable greeen coat, comfyyy.

I've got to the point where I'm gona stop checking my post box, i never get post, would love a pen pal, i hate not getting post. :(

This week...

Been a strange, one. The new module brief set on Monday has burdened me with work, not that i'm complaining, i've been in Uni everyday this week, finally beginning to feel like fash student now. One of our briefs is to keep a visual diary, as i'm a 2d student, its 8 pages a day, its really made me look properly at what people wear and realised how instantly you can have an opinion upon peoples choice of clothing. This week has been spend sneakily drawing people without them realising, more difficult than it seems! Below are just a couple of pages so far....

On my drawing break, sat upon my desk on the 12th floor looking out the window; a somewhat idealic spot. :) Been playing around with camera since beginning photography this week, liking it alot.

Gokkk fashionnnnn.....

Few snaps from Gok show in Cabot, as lovely as he is standing around in a shopping centre for two hours not my idea of fun, specially whens its freeezing cold.

Production team

 Gok and Brix


Some nice close up of models, was nice to see them smiling you don't often see this on a catwalk.

The looks put together my Gok I thought worked quite well, yet Brix won the audiences vote. I found it interesting being in the presence of the filming for the show, way its put together but when it gets to the pont each fashion section is run at least more than once, in the cold i simply had enough and went home. Ciaoo Gok.


Decided to stick with the styling of the dress project, so will be updating what I wear on a day to day basis.

Striped top tucked into black highwaisted skirt.

My comfiest shoesss of the momentt.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Blog....i've missed you

Hating not having my own laptop atm, so living in Uni to use computer here. Hopefully sort craptop when i'm home this weekend, hopefully..... bit if a heads up, NEVER buy a HP laptop, ok.

Anyhoo, bout time for a fash update.
Recently made some high waister shorts from a pair of old nasty trousers.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


After the Gok session last week, my only swap item I gained was this. Although this dress is very big for me, its tie at the waist helps to show I do still indeed have a figure underneath, kind of. I will be putting a few pleats in the back so it looks less full but for the moment I thought I'd style it up.

I will be honest, this is one item I'm keeping from Oxfam. It's an ex BBC costume jacket, I get the air hostess vibe from for some reason. It's a nice fit too.

Worn with 'Gok swap' dress.

 Bird necklace and long chain.

I think it may be the cuffs that give that Air hostess feel to it.


After getting back from Bournemouth today at 3, I'm currently sat on my desk feeling like a reject from the cast of Fame in a vest top, tights and thick grey sock combo, but at least I'm comfy. I've spent the last 7 hours or so with Fashion friends, been nice to see a couple of faces I haven't seen for a while and come up with a few improvisational designs with the Oxfam project ha. Just a few pics of my progress.

Beginning with a long aqua blue dress. I was immediately grabbed by the colour of this dress.

Original plans were to team this with these two colour fabric off cuts.

But decided to make the bow detailing a feature of my Oxfam pieces. In the process of gathering a navy under skirt to create volume,  then gathering the aqua dress at front to reveal this. Also will be putting in a scoop neck at the back.....

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

And the orange is no longer....

HELLO RED AGAIN. staying up til this time is definately worth it to have this back, and for 2.99 a bottle, cannot go wrong, as long as you avoid the creepy men within the shop of course.

Oxfam update...

Look one is coming together...

Oxfam so far...

 So I started with this delightful tweet effect coat, turned it inside out and decided to strip it of its lining.

This is just a rough idea below of what I hope to achieve, simply just gathered fabric around mannequin for now.

Beginning to shape the around  the body.

creating pleats around waistline.

Backless design at back, and that's as far as I am. I think I may get shoulder pads to change silhouette slightly and add a bow detail to the neckline, possibly a theme through my oxfam pieces.

 Simply creating some high waisted shorts to go with blouse, created my cutting off pair of trousers, and turning up to show lining as piping for shorts.

 To be continued........

Today is a sloppy Jo day...

I'm not intending on going out today, so whacked on a large cardi, scraped the hair up, boots are on to go down and do washing that is all. Fair bit of Oxfam work to be getting along with, its going well so far.


I may have accidentally went shopping yesterday and bought myself a playsuit. Admittedly I haven't been shopping in a long time so I feel this is fine, although I am a student and poor, but never mind.

Quite impressed with Primark today, bristols store is a good one with its 4 floors. They seemed to have alot more vintage prints in which is always good.

Teamed with Primark necklace, which could easily be mistaken for an accessorize piece.

Brogues with a bit of heel, always help when you're on the shorter side. £8 from Internationale.