Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 7

So I've started to realise my my choice of styling is rather girly. At the beginning of my Fash course we were lined up facing someone we didn't know and asked to describe their fashion style, I was labelled 'girly' which at the time I felt was pretty far off, but thinking about it now its pretty spot on. Not sure whether this is a good thing or not. Anyway to today's attire.

Today I've teamed my dress with a cropped floral top, which was originally a dress I cut at the waist as I didn't like it so much as a dress. I like the way the floral looks against the lace sleeves of my dress.

The vintage floral headscarf I think works well against the red of my hair, and goes with the colours in the floral top.

Red heels to finish the look.

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