Sunday, 30 January 2011

Gok's Masterclass

So this week has been a busy one. On Wednesday along with a friend I wondered over to St Georges which is just off Park street. With me I had items of clothing I wasn't sure suited me or I felt I needed help with pulling off, or simply didn't mind swapping. This session was for women unsure on how to dress to suit there body shape and I went not knowing my own shape. Upon arrival it all seemed quite exciting, filling in forms for consent to be filmed for tv purposes can get you quite excited. Within moments Gok waltzed through the room past our table saying hello as he passed. Immediately star struck, feeling a bit giggly we were all asked to gather outside for filming to begin.

This picture is from the evening post paper, you can kinda see me mainly my hair glowing ha.

What struck me about the man himself is how genuine he is. After initially being star struck by his appearance after spending the day in the same room filming with him and around 100 other women the atmosphere was so relaxed, with his personality not changing from the word cut on set. With none of us aware of which body shape we belonged to Gok asked us all to line up and to simply in turn walk towards him and he'd tell us our shape. In my case this involved a bit of a grope due to the empire line fit of my dress hiding my figure slightly. So I'm a bristolian pear and I'm gert lush. Yes we were made to say this on camera, which will be cringey but hilarious to watch back on tv. I do love living in Bristol and the confusion of the local dialect upon the camera crew, 'gert lush' not being in their vocabulary by their facial expressions. Within a questionnaire we were asked to describe Bristols style. Not living here long, I've never given it much thought. I would say its very student based, young, vintage, slightly grungy, but its individual, I love seeing people dressed differently and not afraid it. 

Anyway back to the pear that I am. A pear shape is a body shape that carries more weight in the bottom section of the figure aka, wider hips thighs and bum, joy. Gok explained that by creating emphasis on the shoulders to balance out the hips and bringing in the waist can give the illusion of the hour glass figure that the highstreet caters for. I found interesting the fact that pear shapes, often how ever much weight you loose you will always have more weight on your bottom half of your body, so Goks answer for this was to eat more, eat cake to make your shoulders bigger, ha. He knows how to make women feel good about themselves.

Although it was a long day not finishing filming until gone 7, It was such a brilliant day. Spending time with Gok for such a duration of time meant you forgot me was a 'celebrity' and it was fine to go up and ask his advice throughout the session. I cannot emphasise how relaxed the whole day was, I think this was mainly down to the production team, Mike the director  and Flora who kept the day going were both brilliant aswel aswel as the stylist team. Next time Gok is in town, I'll definately be popping to another masterclass session, even it means I get to spend  time with the lovely man! :)

my Gok bag :)

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