Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Camera Camera Camera....

Photography is becoming more and more of an interest, although I barely know anything other than the workshop we've had shoved upon us at uni. So time has been spent rifling through the libraries photography sections and raiding charity shops for books so I can attempt to teach myself. 

While at home I found my Grandad's old camera, clearly a film camera. Unfortunately this particular model requires a cartridge to load 35mm film in, but the cartridges are no longer manufactured so I continue to scan ebay and win a bid for one. At the moment its a nice prop.

My mum throughout my childhood pretty much had a camcorder glued to her hand so we have a lot of family home videos. I'm aiming to transfer them all to dvd so they're all a bit easier to watch, catching up with technology. Its a lengthy process but means I get to watch each video as I go, discovering yet more moments of me being a sickly child directing my friends in music and dance videos, generally dribbling and my brother dressing up in my tights and expressing his hatred for stalks. Ohh childhood. :)

New Camera and its a beauty. Purchased while at home for Easter break from Paraphernalia, the local Aladdin's cave of treasures and trinkets.

Me and Lukey decided to take it for a trial run up on North Hill, unaware while snapping away that we'd not loaded the film correctly. Silly indeed, but simple mistake to make with a new camera. Yes?

Polaroid. This camera cost me 50p at a carboot sale last summer back home, bargain indeed. I'm still yet to purchase film as its not easy to find but with Lady Gaga the new creative director of Polaroid the company seems to be having a re vamp and new products being released and the film being produced again. Thankyou Gaga.

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